Monday, January 28, 2008

Coming Soon!!!

What do YOU eat for lunch? Where do you eat lunch? Who makes your favorite lunch foods? Make friends from around the world and discover their lunchtime cultures and recipes. Prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced dishes that you can include in your lunchbox too!

Introducing Everybody Eats Lunch - an exciting interactive children’s cookbook that is at once educational and playful, developed and written by Cricket Azima. It is one part cookbook, one part toy, and one part adventure with children from around the world!

This fun-shaped and engaging cookbook creatively explores culture and ethnic lunch foods typically eaten by today’s children from around the world. Each page is devoted to a different country, featuring colorful removable images of the food to move and explore; underneath each is a recipe for the international dish featured.

Younger children can play with the lunchbox shaped book and the removable puzzle pieces, while older children learn layers of educational content such as social studies, geography, math, nutrition, languages, and telling time.

Everybody Eats Lunch is a long awaited arrival to the genre of children’s books, encouraging children to appreciate world culture while reinforcing healthy eating habits in a fun and creative way.

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